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“How to Recognize a Narcissist

Before it’s Too Late”


A narcissist will break your heart, ruin your business, take your money, try to destroy your reputation and obliterate your self-esteem. 

Narcissists are pariahs. They want, and feel entitled to, whatever you’ve got. And they are extraordinarily good at getting it. They know how to figure you out fast and look like your perfect match – no matter who or what you are looking for.

Narcissists don’t experience emotion like the rest of us, so don’t build relationships based on respect, admiration, love and shared experiences. These pathological beings simply organize people into their lives in order to meet their needs. At the office they’ll take the credit for your work, commandeer your job if they want it, all the while discrediting you. As leaders they’re known as the “organizational destroyers” of the corporate world. As elected officials they work only for their own interests, all the while crowing about how much they are doing for their constituents.

Narcissists will damage your heart, your business, your life and our communities.


Narcissism is a collection of personality traits. An individual can have just a few, many, or all of them. Some of those traits will be more pronounced than others. An extreme narcissist is often known as a “malignant”, or “pathological” narcissist. Psychopathy can be seen as a more extreme form of narcissism and also exists on a continuum. For convenience I refer to them collectively as N/Ps.


Grandiose: The overtly “puffed up”, ultra-extroverted, the “look at me, fall before me” type, dripping with self-appreciation. Seen often among the very wealthy, powerful and the famous, but anyone can be or can become, this kind of N/P.

Covert: Generally much harder to pick, and therefore potentially even more problematic than the grandiose, these narcissists are often quiet, introverted, and very spiritual. They love to offer wise counsel from what they think is “on high” and may pretty much exclusively communicate like the guru they believe themselves to be.


1. They’re charming – usually remarkably so. They have the assessment skills of an FBI profiler, and they are chameleons. They watch you from the first moment of contact, figure you out fast, noticing exactly what you think, feel and believe, and most importantly what you need. If they decide YOU are what THEY need in any way, the charm offensive is backed up by an immediate aping of your values, a remarkable similarity in point of view, needs and desires, life plan and so on. She’s making sure you’re going to fall under her spell pronto. While thus spellbound, you’re going to think she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you, and it’s unlikely you’ll allow yourself to notice any red flags that could save you.

2. Information is not enough: Many N/Ps are now well aware of the rapidly-growing awareness about their typical behaviors, and are well-informed about what we may know about them. They’re often very good at hiding their true selves until you’re hooked and in love, they have the job, you’ve signed the contract, and so on.

3. They’ve learned from psychotherapy: Even the most seemingly committed deeply narcissistic therapy client seldom works for change beyond attending to behaviors in the way of their financial success, or with finding a suitably compliant and adoring partner or partners. Unfortunately the therapeutic process seems to simply allow them to become smarter at hiding their true selves, at deceiving. The well-informed 21st century N/P knows a lot about his affliction and uses this very much to his/her advantage.


How to Recognize a Narcissist

Before It’s Too Late..

Please join us in Port Douglas: Sunday November, 2017, 2:00-4:30pm

Fee: Prior Registration $65, please note no refunds. $75 at door, space is limited

 Register &/or ask questions:  Dr Claudia:



Research shows that kind, understanding people who give the benefit of the doubt, those who have been exploited before, and those who have a great deal to offer materially are at greatest risk.

Is this you?

*  You’re kind and caring and forgiving

•  You think the best of people

•  You believe there is good in everyone

•  You believe everyone can change

*  You have difficulty trusting your perceptions

*  You’re especially vulnerable:  lonely, recently bereaved, new in town

•  You suffer deeply from guilt

•  You’re easy to manipulate

•  You’re the child of an N/P

•  You’re especially desirable if you’re wealthy or will be, famous, well-connected, well-respected


According to the research, narcissists and their close cousins, those with borderline personality traits, together comprise up to 8% of the population of the United States. Another 1-2% are psychopaths.

In some places, the percentage is much higher: the military for example, upper management in many corporations, among the uber-successful in many fields, and celebrities in the arts, sport and so on, and in high-security prisons. Men are more likely to be N/Ps than women, but don’t be fooled – there are many female narcissists and psychopaths.


The Introductory Seminar:


Here’s what you’ll learn:

*  The most important characteristics of N/Ps, and simple ways to easily recall them – especially under “first date pressure” or in a hiring situation.

• How to detect beneath the skillfully constructed but superficial mask of the N/P

• Stories, strategies and tools that will help you identify N/P characteristics in a variety of people, and in a variety of business, organizational and social settings

• The “inside scoop” on just how these predators think to help you see through the crazy spin of their very deliberate lies and deceptions



• Don’t marry one

• Don’t even date one

• Don’t make friends with them

• Don’t hire one – for anything

• Don’t work for one

• Don’t do business with one

• Don’t take them on as clients, patients, students.

• Don’t become their client, patient or student

• Don’t join their spiritual group or worship in their church

• Don’t ever trust one – with anything

• Especially don’t trust them with your children

• Or your money

• You and those you love can stay right away from them


How to Recognize a Narcissist Before It’s Too Late

An educational presentation and discussion for those who have been affected by narcissists, and others who would like to avoid prolonged contact with narcissists.

Please join us: Sunday May 14,  2:00-4:30pm. Comfortable, private, downtown Port Douglas venue

Contact for more information, including venue:  Dr Claudia:

Fee:  $65, $45 or $25, according to means. Pay at the venue

Interested but Port Douglas area doesn’t work for you? Contact to discuss your needs.


Level 2:


Workshop:   One full day workshop plus an additional  2 X 2 Hour Sessions,

Fee:  $295 (some scholarships available)

  • Dramatically diminish your stress levels with remarkable EFT/Energy Psychology techniques
  • Feel less alone as you recognize your own pain in the stories of others
  • Recognize, challenge and transform your vulnerabilities to predatory people
  • Learn how to draw more of the kinds of people you like and respect
  • Learn to use your trauma to grow your strengths, and have a much better life as a result

Dates, times and venue to be announced

For queries and to apply to join the group, please contact Claudia:

Dr Claudia Contessini, Life Coach/Consultant, Narcissism Expert


Dr Claudia Contessini has worked as both a psychotherapist and life/business coach with many very high-achieving, high profile narcissists over the last thirty or so years in the US, Australia, and around the world. She’s also worked with hundreds of survivors of what she calls “Narcissist-Induced Trauma” – the particular suffering that almost inevitably results from prolonged contact with a narcissist. She has devised a highly-effective research-based “healing-to-thriving” program for those experiencing this incredibly harrowing form of post-traumatic stress.

Claudia draws on her own clinical and personal experiences, on psychological theory and recent neuroscientific research, victim anecdotes, and from the words of malignant (extreme) narcissists and their close cousins, psychopaths. For the seminar ‘How to Recognize a Narcissist Before It’s Too Late” she’ll also share insights from her recent exchanges with Professor Jerrold Post (“Narcissism In Politics”) about the current political situation. Dr Post was founding director for the Center for the Analysis of Personality and Political Behavior at the CIA, where he served with great distinction for twenty one years. She’ll also offer strategies she developed from a study of Dr Paul Ekman’s remarkable science of micro expressions – strategies that can provide remarkable keys to help you recognize narcissists and psychopaths – before it’s too late.




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