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“How to Recognize a Narcissist Before it’s Too Late” offered in Washington DC on October 10, 2015 is offered on the following terms:

No refunds are available for this seminar after registration. You may however transfer your registration to another person on condition you email the organizer with his/her name, location, email address at least one week prior to the seminar.


No audio or video taping by participants: Video or audio taping by participants is not permitted.

Seminar material is copyrighted: The information conveyed in this seminar is the intellectual property of the organizer, trading as ClaraC Corporation. It must not be used commercially in any way by those participating, and must not be sold or given to anyone who uses it for commercial purposes.


Accessibility: The venue facility is not wheelchair accessible. It will not be possible to provide assistance for hearing-impaired participants. Sign language interpretation will not be provided.

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