Claudia is an acclaimed international speaker and seminar presenter. She’s inspiring, dynamic, heart-driven, warm and engaging and loves to really connect with her audience. She delivers research-based ideas that catapult audiences to action by providing innovative, highly effective tools and strategies. All this in a delightful (she’s told) Aussie accent!


“Our top-rated speaker, year after year. A real draw-card”
Sharon Leonard, CEO, Silver Threads North Conferences


Dr Claudia presents on many topics, in a variety of subject areas. A life-long speaker and seminar presenter, she has acquired many specializations and areas of advanced expertise. She makes her point with fascinating stories and anecdotes, and packages the latest research into manageable easy-to-grasp, bite-sized chunks. You’ll have fun, you’ll be inspired and energized, and you’ll learn some wonderful ways to make your life, your business or your relationship the masterpiece it so deserves to be!


“She has a real gift for this..”
Leigh Hunt, Event Organizer & Principal, Leigh Hunt & Associates, Florida



Sample Presentations:



• The narcissist/psychopath (N/P) continuum
• The unique characteristics of N/Ps
• Strategies and tools to help identify those characteristics in a variety of people, in a variety of business, organizational and social settings
• How to deal with the workplace N/P, including those in the C-Suite
• A fascinating and very sobering glimpse into the perspective of the N/P. You’ll see what they see – when they look at you or your organization.



Choose a truly compatible partner for a lifetime of happiness and deep fulfillment. Attraction should extend far beyond the physical (though the physical is very important). You’ll be surprised by some of the factors you seriously need to think about before you find yourself at that altar!



Sexual skills are fundamentally important, but it’s also vital to learn to truly connect with your beloved when you make love.

Suitable for all genders and sexual orientations


“Our most popular speaker”
Ebone Bell, CEO Capital Womens Summit, Washington DC, 2014, 2015


“She communicates from the heart”
Pat Beebe, MA, New Jersey. Long-time attendee/audience member


“Infectious enthusiasm”
Linda Luker, MSW, Toronto, Canada. Attendee




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Recommended Resources

The Coterie

The narcissist/psychopath does not work alone.

She creates a coterie, a group of people whose job it is to elevate her publicly and privately and to play various roles in her cruel self-serving schemes.

Some coteries are temporary, cultivated for a particular project. Others last longer.

All are discarded when the N/P has no further use for them, and members may eventually become targets themselves.

Should I Work With Narcissistic Clients?

I’m often asked by psychotherapists and coaches whether it’s a good idea to take on narcissistic clients. Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer.


Narcissism is a continuum. Your potential client may have many traits, high on the continuum. Or s/he may have just a few, and they may be weak, strong, or a combination. If a client is at the low to low-moderate end of the spectrum and has high self-awareness, strong motivation, and

How to Stop Falling In Love With Narcissists

Narcissists and Psychopaths know how to make themselves very attractive to you.

And if you have a habit of becoming romantically involved with them, it is very likely indeed YOU know how to make yourself attractive to THEM.

Yes, it’s a dance.

You are dancing too, but it’s unlikely you’re aware of it.

That is the bad news.

The good news is …